Invincible Forces has made NPP unattractive-NPP Communicator

Member of the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Upper East communication team, Samuel Akonga has said actions of the Invincible Forces are making the elephant party unattractive anymore since its assumption of office.

According to him the vigilante group has not only caused disgrace to the party it has also made the party look embarrassing to the public. Mr. Akonga who made this remarks during A1 radio’s ‘Day Break Upper East’ program on Monday said “they have embarrassed this party, in fact the NPP party is so embarrassed, they have made the party for now not attractive in the sense that how do you go on threatening people, ministers that you will prevent them from doing their national assignment”

The party communicator’s comment comes at a time the Tema base of the pro NPP group threatened to cause chaos on the Tema Metropolis if government fails to provide them with jobs.

But Mr. Akonga attributed their actions on too many promises the party made to the group during the 2016 elections.

“They were not even promised of being put in the youth employment modules. They were promised of being put at lucrative places, the Tema harbor, the Takoradi harbor and all other areas”

He added that “as a party we did not do well, we over promised these people, hype their hopes and now that we are in power they are expecting that what was said to them must be fulfilled”

Mr. Akonga has therefore called on the security agencies to take actions against the unlawful actions of the group to avert unforeseen chaos in the country.

By: Joshua Asaah||Ghana