Teachers are not babysitters – NAGRAT to Education Minister

The Upper East regional NAGRAT Chairman, Michael Ayeriboya has said teachers are not baby sitters to be baby-sittings peoples wards while they work in their offices.

His comments comes days after the Education Minister, Matthew Opoku Prempeh disclosed plans of government to extend the closing time for public schools in Ghana.

But speaking on A1 Radio’s flagship programme, Daybreak Upper East, NAGRAT’s regional Chairman said “Are teachers babysitters to be baby-sitting peoples wards while they work comfortably in their offices? No, we cannot do that as teachers”.

He indicated that government’s argument advanced for the extension of the closing time for schools is shallow and since it has not advanced any academic argument to back their move.

“It is a worry that government has even not advanced any academic backing to this move. There is supposed to be a research backing this move or else it will not see the day of light. The government needs to research and come back to the discussion table so that we can talk about it”.

To him, the problems with the public schools in the country has nothing to do with the time spent in school but because they are under resourced and understaffed.

He indicated that until these are resolved, government’s move for an extension of closing time for public school students will not yield any academic results.