Bolgatanga: Teachers clash with Education Director over exams

Teachers of public basic schools in the Bolgatanga Municipality are protesting against a decision by their Superiors led by the Municipal Director, Mr Madison Amokase and the Municipality’s exams officer Mr Elvis Apam.

According to them, the Municipal Director of education and the exams officer  are forcing schools in the Municipality to write a common first term exams which hitherto was not the case.

The aggrieved teachers indicated that although their superiors have been engaging them to find a lasting solution on decision they describe as autocratic,  they failed to convince them but rather threatened them saying “if you don’t agree for us to conduct the exams, then you will use chalk to write on the board for them to write End of First Term Exams, Not Mock Exams for our candidates”

The teachers indicated that Headmasters of their their school are not happy with the decision by the Municipal Education Director and his Exam Officer but fear to voice it out for fear of losing their position.

By: Chidozie Stephen Ngams/