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Claims to ‘import’ ‘foreign’ rice for caterers untrue – U\E Regional School Feeding Coordinator

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Contrary to an earlier assertion that caterers of Ghana School Feeding Program (GSFP) in the Upper East Region will be supplied with ‘imported’ rice, regional coordinator of the program, Georgina Ayamba has debunked the claim.

According to madam Ayamba, there was a miscommunication on the part of a facilitator during the program concerning a package of support the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Otiko Afisa Djaba is offering caterers.

“The one who brought the information down to them didn’t communicate it very well”, she said.

The earlier information was that rice will be supplied to assist interested caterers without capital to start the program at the scratch with ease while a monthly deduction made on their allowances subsequently to cover the cost.

This idea was kicked against by some caterers who believed the decision was not in line with the programmes objectives of reducing poverty and hunger through sourcing local content.

But Madam Ayamba said the sector minister “has liaise with district chief executives [in the region] and they have contracted some of our farmers and they have organized this rice from our local farmers and they are going to give this rice to our caterers to cook”.

The terms of payment for the supplied rice according to the regional school feeding coordinator is by installment for a period of six months. Debunking the earlier claim, madam Ayamba stated emphatically that “I am here as the regional coordinator to tell them that no, our minister is bringing our own rice just to support us so that we can cook nice meal for our own children”.

She added “a bag [of rice] is Ghc 180.00 and the Ghc180.00 is not 50 kilograms [size]. It’s 40 bowls and this is our local measurement, the way they measure and fill the long sack, so it is not the 50 kilograms as they said earlier on”

Madam Ayamba has therefore entreated the caterers to disregard the earlier information delivered to them.

Some caterers in the region speaking exclusively with A1radioonline welcomed the decision to buy rice from local farmers in the Upper East region.

By: Joshua Asaah|A1radioonline.com|Ghana

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