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Movie producer talks about how she was harassed sexually

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The talk about sexual harassment in most institutions in the country seem to be unending as the phenomenon is in every industry in this country.

Several people have told stories about how in one way or the other they have been harassed by their bosses or people they looked up to for employment.

This week, the topic seems to have dominated several discussions on social media as several celebrities have shared their experiences.

Well, the latest to share her experience is the award winning movie director, Leila Djansi.

In a post on Facebook telling the world how she had to battle sexual harassment she posted “I’ll share my sexual harassment stories all week.

In Ghana and in America.


When I started out, a TV station owed me money. I met with the head for my payment and he asked me to kiss him first. I said no. Went home without pay. Spent another week without food. My dad was down with stroke so there was no way I was asking my parents for money. Thanks to friends who invited me to their meals.


My previous attorney who ended up robbing me. He said my boobs were too small, industry men will not find me attractive enough to give me deals. His advice was to get a partner with big boobs who’d use her sexuality to get me into rooms.





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