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Video: Ayittey Powers sings God’s praises after Bukom Banku’s defeat

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After the bout between Bukom Banku and Bastie Samir, Bukom Banku has been heavily trolled on social media and traditional media.

People are excited that finally, someone has been able to silence Bukom Banku and his title the African Mayweather which affords him the bragging rights has also been snatched from him.

Well, one individual who will certainly be happy after he was beaten twice by Bukom Banku is Ayittey Powers.

The boxer after the bout could not hide his joy as he indicated that he knew his friend and colleague, Bukom Banku would lose the bout considering how strong Bastie is and his preparation for the bout.

He indicated that he was grateful to God for making Bukom Banku “meet his meter” which literally means someone who has finally defeated the maverick Bukom Banku.

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