Rejected nominee for DCE George Nonterah
Rejected nominee for DCE George Nonterah
Rejected nominee for DCE George Nonterah

Members of the Kasena Nankana West District Assembly for the third time, have rejected the president’s nominee for Chief Executive of the District. The members at a special meeting of the Assembly on Tuesday voted to reject president Mahama’s nominee for DCE George Nonterah.

Out of a total of 62 votes cast, Mr. Nonterah obtained 32 of the votes, representing 51.6%. This means 30 of the members voted to reject him. Mr. Nonterah’s rejection brings to two, the number of President Mahama’s nominees for the position of district chief executive for Kasena-Nakana West who have been rejected so far.

Former District Chief executive, Thomas Dalu Adda was rejected twice after he was renominated by the President for a second tenure as DCE of the Kasena Nankan West District.

George Nonterah who is a retired educationist still stands a chance of becoming the next DCE for Kasena-Nankana West, if members of the assembly reconsider their decision and vote in favour of him when the assembly reconvenes in next ten days.

Some of the Kasena-Nanakana West assembly members in an exclusive interview with A1 News explained that reason why the president’s nominees for DCE of the area have so far been rejected is as result of factionalism in the assembly. They said once a nominee is identified as belonging to a certain faction within the assembly, the opposing will never vote in his or her favor.

By: Joshua Asaah | | Ghana



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