Maclean Ayamga cautions against reckless riding during funerals.

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Member of the Upper East regional communications team of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Maclean Ayamga, has sent strong words of caution to the youth against reckless riding of motorbikes during the conveyance of corpses for burial.

According to Mr. Ayamga, it is a worrying trend that is eating deeply into our society, adding that measures must be put in place to curtail the menace.

Speaking on Day-Break Upper East on A1 Radio, the director of elections for the National Democratic Congress in the Bongo constituency quizzed with amazement why people will “display” with their motorbike as a way of showing affection to the corpse.

“How can you be displaying with your motorbike or riding recklessly to show that you love the corpse”. He quizzed.

He added that such reckless riding can lead to loss of lives that inflicts pains in the hearts of families.

” Sharp pains are caused in the hearts of families when lives are loss in these convoys……if you like the person and you want to contribute to his or her funeral and make it great, there are several ways of doing that. This road used by many road users. Pigs use it, Cars use it, kids use it, everybody even people who are drunk use it. So if you that kind of person and you are riding that way, it is dangerous to other road users. He lamented.

He advised that people should learn to convey corpses of their relatives from the mortuary devoid of acts that will lead to loss of lives on our roads.

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