A member of the collation of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in health, Alagskomah Asakeya Noble, has said the attitude of “each one for himself and God for us all” is what is killing quality health care delivery in the region.

According to him, some leaders are enthused with amassing personal gains as against creating favourable healthcare delivery system that will guarantee the general well-being of the people.

He added that wickedness, greed and selfishness have been allowed to take the better part of people in leadership and that has inversely affected their efforts in championing quality health care for all.

“We have the natural resources, we have the human resources, we have everything at our disposal. God is not wicked. We ourselves are wicked, we ourselves are greedy, we ourselves are selfish and it’s just like everyone for himself and God for us all”.

Mr. Alagskomah Asakeya was speaking to Samuel Mbura on Day Break Upper East on A1 Radio when he made the submission. His comments come on the back of the death of a 70 year old man in the Greater Accra Region as a result of lack of hospital beds in all seven hospitals that he had visited.

The death of the man shook the core of the Health Ministry and many have poured out their frustrations that come with seeking healthcare in the country. An investigation has since been launched to ascertain the cause of death.

Meanwhlie, Mr. Alagskomah Asakeya has urged people to speak up on issues that affect them and desist from pretending that all is well to gain political favours.

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He said members of the public to should hold political leaders accountable and not be allowed to be used only when their votes are needed.

He is of the strong belief that problems in the health sector will be done with if the abundance resources in the country are put to proper use and not diverted into individual pockets.

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