14 prison inmates have been discharged through a special in-prison court sitting held at the Sunyani Prisons during the Justice for All programme.

After the special court sitting, four persons were convicted with three individuals being imprisoned and one fined. 30 inmates also granted bail.

Chairman of the Justice for All Programme, Justice Clemence Honyenuga, stressed that the programme only deal with cases of remand prisoners who qualify and not convicts.

He said this after criticisms that the Justice for All Programme have been releasing criminals who come out to commit more crimes.

Justice Honyenuga commended the Sunyani Judicial Service for their immerse contribution to the success of the sitting every year.

The Executive Director of POS Foundation, Jonathan Osei Owusu indicated that inasmuch as the programme is reducing the remand population in Ghana, more needs to be done to decongest prisons by reviewing cases of those convicted.

The Justice for All Programme is a state-driven intervention facilitated by POS Foundation and seeks to help decongest prisons in Ghana by reviewing cases of remand prisoners.

Source: classfmonline.com



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