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Open Commercial Sex Activity is Emerging in Bolgatanga, the Upper East Regional Capital

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Prostitution is the act of exchanging sexual intercourse for money. In Ghanaian society, this act is frowned upon but nonetheless, it is a commercial practice in many big cities like Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi.

In these cities, girls involved in prostitution, often referred to as call girls, are mostly seen lining up on the streets at night, dressed provocatively and calling male passers-by who may take them somewhere, have sex with them and pay.

This kind of practice has never been known to exist in Bolgatanga, the Upper East Regional capital. However, A1 news can confirm that call girls or prostitutes who openly call for customers are beginning to emerge in Bolgatanga.

Our reporter Joshua went undercover investigating this development and filed the following story:

Go to the black star hotel here in Bolgatanga at 8pm any day and you are sure to meet middle-aged women sitting at the entrance to the Hotel, dressed in miniskirts, some of them with tattoos on parts of their bodies.

Believed to be Nigerian nationals, these women openly make advances at men who approach the hotel, offering them sex in exchange for different sums of money.

For the purposes of this report, I posed as a potential customer to one of these ladies. She named GHC 20 as her price for one bout of sex and refused my offer of GHC 10 and went off, attending to another customer.

This type of prostitution has never been known to exist in Bolgatanga. So what could be accounting for the emergence of this kind of trade in the upper east regional capital? This is the question I posed to Dr. Rockeybell Adatuura of the Peacemakers’ Team who is a renowned counselor, motivational speaker and preacher. According to Dr. Adatuura, developmental advancement coupled with falling moral standards are contributory factors to emergence of sex in Bolgatanga. He said scenes of prostitution shown in Ghanaian and Nigerian movies often present the trade as acceptable and so, people are adopting it in real life.

Engaging in prostitution can give you quick and easy money and sleeping with a prostitute can give you easy sexual satisfaction but both practices have serious implications on the individuals involved. Dr. Rockeybell Adatuura again explains that both the Bible and Holy Quran as well as society frown on the act and people who engage in prostitution or seek the services of prostitutes are subjecting themselves to rejection from God and society. He said added to this is the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases.

So now you know. Commercial sex activities may have arrived in Bolgatanga but the moment you think of becoming a prostitute or sleeping with one, think of the dire consequences involved.

By: Joshua Asaah | A1radioonline.com | Bolgatanga, Ghana

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