An Eye Specialist at the Presbyterian Eye Center in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region, Dr. Kum-Brown Albert has cautioned the public against the use of contact lenses, because of the negative effects associated with wearing them.

The Specialist who was cautious on the subject, explained that the dusty nature of the environment has made wearing of contact lenses more dangerous to persons who wear them, than they could ever imagine.

“… the nature of our roads and environment have made wearing of contact lenses more dangerous. Why do I say so, immediately one puts on contact lenses, one ought not to get in touch with dust, but here in this part of the country, on our daily surroundings dust is something we can’t avoid.” He added.

The Specialist also noted that since contact lenses lie directly on the eye and cover the entire cornea, the amount of oxygen reaching the eyes is mostly decreased.

“Good oxygen supply is absolutely critical to keeping the eyes healthy. Contact lens reduces the quantity of tears getting on the cornea as the eyes absorb most of our tears to keep itself soft. This lack of tears will cause dry eye syndrome leading to itching, burning sensation and redness of the eyes. If the eyes get too dry, it will lead to the scarring of the cornea which can be extremely painful.” He explained.

Meanwhile contact lenses per world statistics survey, over 150 million people worldwide are wearing either for medical reasons or fashion.

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Dr. Kum-Brown however, advised people living in the region to be careful in the manner they use contact lenses because the negative effects of wearing contact lenses overweight the positives.

Source: | Moses Apiah | Ghana




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