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Your posture on the Upper East Airport Project is ‘Fundamentally disingenuous’ – Stanley Abopam fires Kofi Adda

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Former Committee Member  for the proposed Airport project in the Upper East region, Stanley Abopam has expressed resentments about the posture of Aviation Minister and Member of Parliament for Navrongo Central in the Upper East Region describing his actions as disingenuous.

The outburst followed a declaration made by the Minister, Hon. Kofi Adda in an exclusive interview he granted on A1 Radio’s Morning Show, Daybreak Upper East where he hinted that the location of the airstrip for the region will be situated at Navrongo.

There have a long standing tussle about the citing of an airstrip in the Upper East Region though there is a suitable and feasible  proposed site at Sumbrungu Anateem in the Bolgatanga Municipality which has been cleared and a runway constructed dating back to the early 70’s.

There is another aerodrome located at Paga which has been seen as inappropriate because of the security implications of interference into the Burkinabe airspace. Suggestions and some recommendations point to Sumbrungu Anateem as more suitable.

Interestingly , the Aviation Minister Claims there were no documents pointing out that the Sumbrungu Anateem proposed site was suitable and suggested that he will rather prefer the project was sent back to Paga since there was an already existing airstrip and it will even be cheaper and faster to construct it there.

Mr. Adda also debunked assertions of security concerns and claimed he has spoken to the Burkinabe authorities and they find no challenge with the airspace interference.

This has however not gone down well with  a former Committee Member for the Proposed airport project at Anateem to respond to the claims by the Minister. Stanley Abopam who is one of the pioneers and the former committee member  rooting for the construction of an airport in the Upper East Region described the Minister’s comments as “fundamentally disingenuous”.

He added that the actions and comments by  the Minister has the potential of creating a rift in the region and warned him against championing an agenda for his political benefit regardless of the consequences.

Mr. Abopam however stressed that  “President Nana Akufo Addo  has not given Joseph Adda or anybody any permission to move that airport.. that is a politically calculated statement to inure to his benefit ,it is only people  who are politically gullible that will fall to that lie” .


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