The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) has resulted to online engagements as part of measures to avoid the spread of the world’s most scary disease at the moment,Coronavirus.

The announcement to it’s personnel came after President Nana Akufo Addo’s public suspension of public gatherings in the country following six confirmed cases of COVID-19.

In a statement issued and sighted by A1 News, the directive indicates that it was necessary to curtail social contacts to reduce the spread of the disease.

Below is the full statement signed by Dr.Ibrahim Ayars , CEO of NABCO:

Guidance on COVID-19 to NABCO Essential Staff – Monday, 16th March 2020

Following The Directive from H. E. The President of the Republic and considering the growing need for people to avoid a lot of social contacts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Secretariat would like colleagues to pay attention to the following:

  1. Effective today Monday 16th March 2020 till the end of March, all Headquarters staff, with the exception of the Chief Executive Officer and a couple essential administrative staff are to work from home. This is subject to review as we continue to seek guidance, office attendance will be on a need basis. HQ staff and our Regional Coordinators will meet online weekly to review progress and advice.
  2. All hitherto proposed meetings, training sessions, and activities of NABCO that often entails numbers in excess of 25 persons, where possible should be conducted on online portals and platforms.

Hence, the meeting with Regional Coordinators which was scheduled to take place tomorrow 17th March at the HQ will now take place online from 2 pm.

  1. All trainees must continue to attend to their work places and follow guidance from their MIPs.
  2. Due to the limited numbers that engage in projects such as the NDPAS, assigned workforce must continue with the digital address generation until otherwise determined, based on government guidelines.
  3. All Regional and District Offices must avoid crowding and massing up for timesheets submission. We advise trainees to submit online using the portal for validation for the month of March 2020.
  4. In these challenging times, I entreat colleagues to take seriously your personal hygiene and health by following precautionary measures as offered by authorized institutions. Please avoid spreading panic and falsehood on our social media platforms. We are Nation Builders, and we more than our fellow citizens are to assist in spreading the public education required to reduce the spread and to assist our communities to cope.
  5. This guidance is subject to the broader guidelines issued by the government. Please do adhere to all existing and continually reviewed guidance from the appropriate state authorities.
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Above all let us please stay positive minded and calm. God is in control and May God protect us and our dear nation Ghana.

NABCO: We are the Nation Builders!!!


Anyars Ibrahim




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