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Kandiga Women target to plant 200 trees each year to combat desertification

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Women Group known as Kandiga Tree Planting Association in the Kassena Nankana West District in the Upper East Region says their dream is to plant as many trees as they can in their community to combat desertification.

Hence, each year, their target will be to nurse and plant 200 trees in the community.

The reason they say born out of the benefits they get from planting trees in the community as for the past seven years they have not hit by any heavy windstorm thanks to their tree planting initiative.

They also justified that the initiative helps them to keep track of early rainfalls each year hence aspire to continue with it and call on their colleague women to emulate.

The Country Director of the group, Sadik Ayine Inusah who spoke to the media said the group’s aim is to make the mother planet comfortable for living beings hence will continue to beautify any community it comes across.

“We all know how important trees are to our life, so it is our obligation to make sure that we empower our women to lead us in this crusade. This initiative began in 2004 where Christopher Apoprongo whom we used his name to initiate the group started planting trees in this community. It was a perfect start, so we joined him with support from the Netherlands NGO, and therefore, we set a yearly target for ourselves to constantly plant and nurse at least 200 trees.”

He projected the number of trees that they could plant if they continue up to ten years.

“When we did our calculation of about 300 by 300ft in terms of six land sizes, we will have almost 200 hundred trees planted in each center. So, every year we try to realize 200 trees are being planted and so if we stretch like say ten years we can say we will plant about 2000 trees.”

Mr. Ayine Inusah however, expressed that though every corner of the world has been hit by the novel coronavirus, their partners in the Netherlands saw the need to assist them with some medical essentials and an amount of £29,000.00.

“In the midst of this pandemic, our donor came to our aid and supported us with money to be able to feed our people for about four months. So, we are working on a budget limit of £29,000.00 at a period of four months. We want our women not to go hungry during this pandemic period. It will cover only four communities where our projects run like Gambibgo, Sirigu, Kandiga, and Yongo or Nabaongo.”He said .

Receiving the support, the women expressed their profound gratitude to their partners in the Netherlands and pledged to continue beautifying the communities with trees.

Source:A1radioonline.com|Moses Apiah

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