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U/E: Pito Brewers make high sales despite negative impact of COVID-19 on businesses

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Pito Brewers in the Upper East Region say, they are cashing-in on the business despite the negative impact of COVID-19 on businesses.

The negative impact of COVID-19 on commerce has led to the collapse of businesses and employees redundancy.

But amidst the dire consequences of COVID-19 on businesses, the Pito brewers were taking advantage of the situation.

Speaking to A1 NEWS some brewers in the Bolgatanga Municipality and Talensi District of the Upper East Region, they explained that, though the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a lot of fear and panic to people, it has not in any way affected their business.

They reiterated that, the safety of their customers was key to the survival of their business thus have taken the safety precautions of the COVID-19 seriously to safeguard them.

Operator of Nimah spot, Mrs. Nimah Nsomah, said “the pandemic could have had a negative impact on my business if it was to prevent people from farming because majority of her customers are usually farmers and as the rainy season approaches farmers are busy buying the pito for their labors”.

“Just look around, you see how the surrounding is, so, what will prevent someone from coming to drink?  Since the wake of the virus in Ghana, I will make sure all my calabashes will always be washed with warm water and soap to prevent any possible spread of the virus. And my customers know that if they come here, they are safer. You can see, I have the Veronica bucket, liquid soap for washing of hands, and hand sanitizer well-positioned.” Ayinpoka Asumyelesum, a brewer in Winkogo noted.

Madam Akuaso of Akuaso Spot in Zaare  added that, “I usually brew in the farming seasons, because majority of my customers are farmers. So, the pandemic has not affected my business. I still brew the quantity of pito I used to prior to the virus”.

Pito as the name sound is a local type of beer made from fermented millet or sorghum and mostly gets its patronage amongst the locals.

Pito brewing is considered an important source of income for women in rural areas of Northern Ghana.

Mostly women’s dominant venture, locally-made beer is produced using the indigenous method of brewing, and its process usually lasts for two to three days before reaching its final consumption stage.

 Pito can be served warm or cold depending on the individual choice and never found bottled or canned, as a rule, it is purchased directly from the household in which it is brewed.

The brewers, however, believe their brewing business will continue to strive as it is a culture to them and will not get cut off by any form or kind.

Source:|A1radioonline.com|101.1MHZ|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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