Residents of Sumbrungu, a suburb of Bolgatanga Municipal in the Upper East Region, have appealed to government to expedite action for the operationalization of a completed police post in the community.

The police post built in 2015 with the aim of combating crime and resolving civil matters in the community has since been abandoned.

Speaking exclusively to A1 News, Assembly Member for Amogorebisi electoral area, Mr. Azure Samuel, bemoaned that, the situation does not only make criminals perpetrate criminal acts with impunity but also exposes residents to extreme vulnerability.

He therefore, appealed to government to come to their aid and sanction the operations of the police post to combat crime in the area.

“We are not only worried about crime-related issues but the presence of the police help in curbing unforeseen disputes in communities. This is one of the reasons we need the assembly to operationalize the building.

In fact, sometimes criminals usually getaway at a crime scene because at the time that the police personnel will arrive they have already taken what they want. So, if the assembly will consider opening it for us, that will go a long way to help us”.

Mr. Azure, stressed that, the community was willing to provide police personnel posted to the police post with temporary accommodation until the service secures permanent place of abort for them.

“If it is about accommodation problem a reason for which,  the assembly is still not opening the police post for little over 5 years then, we the residents will help in that regard.”

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Assembly member for Kolbia, Johnson Agolimah also stated that, “There are no residents in Sumbrungu that you will ask what they want in the area that person will not talk about the police post. It is so dear to our hearts and we want to see it working so that it can help curb any unforeseen criminal activities.”

But the Bolgatanga  Municipal Chief Executive, Joseph Amiyuure, assured that, plans were far advance to operationalize the police post soon.

Mr. Amiyuure added that, a budget has been approved for the furnishing of the police post and accommodation for the police personnel that will be manning post.

Source:||101.1MHZ| David Azure|Ghana




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