Communication Officers of the opposition National Democratic Congress in the Upper East Region have declared a strike on media campaigns for the party.

According them, the party at the regional level does not seek their inputs in decision taking which is a clear smack of disrespect to them.

The livid Communicators expressed their resentment in a letter copied to

Below is the press release

(20TH AUGUST 2020)


Communication officers and their deputies from the 15 constituencies in the upper east region in a meeting held on the 15th day of August in Bolgatanga after deliberations have resolved to embark on an indefinite strike action.

Our decision to embark on this strike action is premised on several considerations. This was largely motivated by the high limits at which we can continue to endure the frustrations as official mouthpiece of the party.

We proceed to state our grievances;

(1) Its trite knowledge that, the least expectation from us is to see us, bring our frustrations into the public domain. But this is the only available option left for us to exercise. Over the years, we have sacrificed our personal securities and lives in the course of defending this party against malicious fabrications and plain wicked character assassination and vendetta by the NPP.

(2) We strongly take exception to the non-inclusion of communication officers in critical decision making at the regional level. We have since been observing with pains and disdain how constituency communication officers are always excluded from expanded regional meetings of executives.

The irony however is that, the outcomes of such meetings are always expected to be communicated by us to the general public if need be. We do not subscribe to any archaic constitutional provisions that relegate us to observer status.

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We are strongly convinced that, the non-inclusion of communication officers at important meetings is a slap on the entire communication structure of the party. We strongly register our resentment to this discrimination against us and those who are bent on continuing with same must be told so in their faces.

(3) We have also taken notice of how other elected executives of the party are treated in terms of provision of working tools and logistics. We do appreciate the work of other elected executives and the need for them to be resourced.

We are fully aware of the provision of motor bikes to organizers and youth organizers. We are also aware of the provision of laptop computers to constituency secretaries. What we cannot endure anymore is the total neglect of communication officers and their communicators in this instance.

We have since been sacrificing our little resources on buying fuel and transporting ourselves to radio stations on daily basis. We have been spending huge on buying data to access information for communication purposes.

This has been our working conditions even when the party was in government. With these happenings, we see a bleak future for communication officers and their communicators across the region. We rise against this. It’s our considered view that, this great party does not appreciate the importance of our work.

We strongly believe that, we have not learnt our lessons from the neglect of communication officers and their communicators and how it badly bruised our chances in 2016.The evidence before us is clear indication that, our services are not needed.

The frustrations on the faces of party communicators and communication officers across the region have left us with one option. We hereby declare a strike action for all NDC communication officers and communicators across the upper east region from Friday 22 August 2020.

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All party communicators are advised to stay away from political talk shows on radio. Communicators are also advised to stay away from communicating for the party on social media, print or electronic media.

We wish to state that, this positive defiance is arrived at after all complaints have been ignored by leadership. Not even an acknowledgement of a receipt of a letter addressed to the regional chairman by constituency communication officers has yet come to our attention. We wish to reiterate that, this strike shall remain indefinite until our concerns are given a hearing.

This is a collective and well thought out decision by all constituency communication officers and our deputies across the fifteen (15) constituencies in the upper east region. Let no one question our loyalty to this party. Let no one dare question our commitment to this party. Let no one question our resolve to see this party capture power from the looting brigade who is squandering the resources of this country with impunity.

Our resolve is to see formidable communication machinery ready to capture power. We dare say, our work is riskier than you can ever imagine. We have made enemies in the course of defending this party.

Our movements are restricted and our lives are placed in harm’s way, yet we are not respected and appreciated by our own party. We say enough is enough. Our doors are opened for deliberations geared towards resolving the issues.





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