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The Job of an MP is to make Laws- Casper Kampoli hits at Rex Asanga

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The Deputy Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) in the Upper East region, Sunday Casper Kampoli has refuted claims made by the NPP parliamentary candidate for the Bolgatanga central constituency, Rex Asanga, that, the Member of Parliament for Bolga central, Isaac Adongo does not lobby for developmental projects for the constituency.

At an event organized by NPP D–Line Association in Bolgatanga in the Upper East region to unveil the achievement of NPP government Mr. Asanga,accused Isaac Adongo of not lobbying for developmental projects for his constituents.

But, speaking on A1 radio’s Daybreak Upper East, Mr. Kampoli, said, the work of an Member of parliament is to make laws.

He jabbed the NPP parliamentary candidate Rex Asanga of not knowing what he is going to parliament to do for his constituents.

“I must say that is an unfortunate comment to coming from an aspiring member of parliament for him if he seeks to go to parliament he should know what parliamentarians do. Parliamentarians are law makers. They are the people making the laws for us since 2017 up to today.

If you hear a member of parliament who is so good at what he does, a financial analysis and expert when it comes to public finance speaking to government financial activities and somebody who seeks to go to parliament and cannot commend such a person that is making sure that every tax, every penny that the constituents, Bolga people pays is put to judiciously use, then it tells you that he has lost it. He doesn’t know what he is going to parliament to do. Because the job of a member of parliament is to make laws and that is what Isaac Adongo is doing.”

Mr. Kampoli, however debunk to assertion that Isaac Adongo does not lobby for developmental projects for the constituency.

“The second face of the regional hospital, the 20million fund to expand the regional hospital. Go to parliament, on the 19th March, 2019 you will hear Isaac Adongo support the motion for the hospital to be rehabilitated. That is what members of parliament do. He supported the first phase and then supporting the second phase. So he speaking to the vice president is just what an MP is supposed to do. He has lobby for water project, he has lobby for the 4km asphalting of Bolga inner city roads.”

Meanwhile the Communication Director of NPP in the Upper East Region, Issah Sanusi, accused Isaac Adongo of not doing anything in the Zongo communities

“We are looking at the fund that is being allocated to him as a member of parliament for the past three and half years at zongos not even a table let alone talk of a chair that has donated for the zongo community. We are talking about schools that are in zongo communities that have not seen any renovation since NDC was in power for good 8years.

Source:|A1radioonline.com|101.1MHZ| Adagom Samuel and David Azure|Ghana

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