The Member of Parliament for Nabdam Constituency in the Upper East Region, Dr. Mark Kurt Nawaane has made a passionate appeal to Vice President, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia and the NPP government to stop claiming ownership of projects he has implemented.

According to the Nabdam legislator, despite the “over 135 billion gargantuan money borrowed” by the Nana-Addo led administration, not even a single project on health has been executed in the constituency.

Dr. Nawaana made this pronouncement during a press conference in Nangodi in the Nabdam district in response to Dr. Bawumia’s town hall meeting which saw the launching of the government delivery tracker.

The infrastructure tracker has it that government has put up an Emergency Ward at Nangodi in the Nabdam district.

Even though the Minister of Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has admitted that, there were some unpardonable errors in the infrastructure tracker which he blamed on Metropolitan Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) for providing information that misled the entire country, that excuse was not taken lightly by Dr. Nawaane who believes the attempt by government to take credit for projects it did not implement was carried out deliberately.

“With the Emergency Ward and some of the things, I don’t it was a mistake, it’s intentional. They don’t have anything on health in Nabdam. Bawumia is super-incompetent. The delivery tracker of NPP is stating that a mud structure for teacher’s bungalow was built and completed at Gane/Asonge. So, if I am the one compiling the projects for the Vice president, obviously, this particular project, I have to do some calls on it.

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So it is not the fault of the MMDCEs. They [MMDCEs] only report the truth of what has been given to them. It was up to Bawumia to edit but he did not edit. Bawumia did not find anything wrong with a mud house build by individuals and being added as the NPP projects for Ghanaians to vote for them again”.

Dr. Nawaane, wondered why government was trying its best to claim credit for projects that, he used his share of the District Assembly Common Fund to implement, and appeal to the Vice President to stop seizing his infrastructure project as projects of the NPP.

“The amount of money that they have borrowed, if they had shared it and Nabdam gets even 300 million out of the amount, we would turn Nabdam into a little London. And yet, with the 135 billion that they have borrowed, they can’t even account even a single health structure in Nabdam. And when the Member of Parliament representing the NDC and who the laws of the country gives him about 200,000 a year, builds a project and hopes it will help him in his campaign, you are seizing the MPs projects and adding it to yours”.

Among some of the avoidable mistakes captured in the government infrastructure tracker is an ongoing construction of a 1Km road project at “Kongo-Soe” in the Nabdam district.

But the NDC Communication Officer in Nabdam Constituency, James Tenga, in a press statement on behalf of the party, indicated that, the ‘erroneous’ delivery tracker did not only capture “ghost projects” but also captured “ghost communities”.

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“It is elementary knowledge to inform our brothers in the NPP that, there is no such community in Ghana, let alone construction of 1Km road in any part of Kongo. If this is not a lie, then what is it? The NPP should tell us”, he queried.

The NDC in their press conference added that, the delivery tracker has also duplicated projects such as a 3-unit classroom block in Kongo SHS.

Mr. Tenga who described as an attempt by government to deceive Ghanaians added that, a project such as the Kongo-Damolgo road which is not under construction as captured, mysteriously finds its way into the tracker as an achievement by the “insensitive NPP government”.

Source: ||101.1MHZ|Joshua Asaah|Ghana




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