Isaac Adongo, MP- Bolga Central Constituency

Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bolgatanga Central Constituency in the Upper East Region, Isaac Adongo, has said that his opponent, Rex Asanga, the Parliamentary Candidate (PC) on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), does not have the technicalities and issue-based tactics necessary to represent the constituents in Parliament.

Speaking on Word Fm in Bolgatanga, monitored by A1 News, Mr. Adongo said despite his opponent’s high level of education, he lacked the relevant tactics and basis in debating; hence cannot last two days in Parliament.

According to him, the manner in which Mr. Asanga addresses issues demonstrate his level of unpreparedness even if the constituents consider him to represent them in Parliament.

He said “If you go to parliament and you debate on this call; this lame infantile pedestrian analysis in parliament you will not last parliament in two days because we do very technical high-level analysis in parliament.”

He also reacted to Mr. Asanga’s earlier comments which suggested that he does not represent the constituency in parliament.

“You see, when I say my opponent does not have the skills and experience to be in parliament you may think otherwise. Parliament is not a place where you just arrived and tell the speaker hear Speaker; I have heard that something is happening in Bolgatanga, so today I want to speak about it. We have standing orders; rules and regulations that govern the conduct of parliament. Imagine every Member of Parliament arrives and wants to speak about his constituency; there will be chaos, so you speak when there are major issues to do with your constituency.”

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“I want to focus extensively on my work in parliament in respect of Bolgatanga. There are times where the Member of Parliament deals with matters directly with the authorities without speaking about them in the public domain and they are even more effective. Do you know what it means for a first-timer and a backbencher to second a major national assignment in parliament? How many people who are in parliament even for four years get the opportunity to second major loan agreements for their constituencies? That should tell you my pedigree in parliament that I had the opportunity to second the motion to approve the second phase of the Upper East Regional Hospital. And in doing, so I spoke extensively about the historical achievements of certain places where similar projects were done.” He explained.

Mr. Adongo further touched on some developmental projects he undertook in the constituency.

He said “I provided 34 completed boreholes to various communities whilst some which are yet to be commissioned are at various levels of completion.”

Source:|101.1MHZ|Moses Apiah/Ghana




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