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A group calling itself ‘Kofi Adda Grassroots for Peace and Development’ (KAG-PED) is demanding the immediate resignation from office of all executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Navrongo Central Constituency over what it described as the worse humiliation the party has suffered at elections in the prominent constituency since Ghana’s independence in 1957.

At a press conference convened in Navrongo, the group argued that the party’s constituency leadership has failed to maintain unity among supporters; a reason it linked to the party’s poor performance in the just ended general elections.

“We are calling for the immediate resignation of the entire Navrongo Central executive and the Municipal Chief Executive for their inability to keep the party united  in the constituency; thus the humiliating performance of the party in the just ended general elections. It is shameful to note that NPP lost in the polling stations where the MCE, the Chairman, the First Vice- Chairman and even the Parliamentary candidate herself, Hon. Tangoba Abayage, hail from.”

“The defeat is so abysmal. You can imagine the National Democratic Congress (NDC) defeated the NPP with about 12,000 votes difference. It is a disgrace. It is something that has never occurred in the annals of politics in Navrongo. How can you be holding a title and you get so defeated that you cannot recover immediately?” Spokesperdon for KAG-PED, Martin Agyua, said at the press briefing.

In a separate interview on A1 Radio on Monday, Mr. Agyua, maintained that analysis on the grounds has established it was necessary for the embattled executives to “step aside and allow a new set of leadership to assume the executive role and work to improve the relationship between the party and the electorate.”

Certified parliamentary results by the Electoral Commission after the 2020 elections, indicate that the NPP candidate obtained 15,821 votes as against the NDC’s candidate who polled 26,947 votes.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHZ|Ghana

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