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Not even the devil’s world can achieve meaningful dev’t without unity – Lecturer

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A lecturer at the Bolgatanga Technical University, Samuel Agyegelone, has urged Ghanaians to uphold peace and unity; saying not even the devil world can achieve meaningful development without unity.

He made this statement as the keynote speaker at the maiden out-dooring ceremony of the Chief of  Tongo- Balungu in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region, Naba Mwaribilsonga Nietinga Putesone Maaletinga.

Speaking on the theme “Unity and peace; a necessity for a prosperous Balungu”, Mr. Agyegelone said since the creation of the earth, no community has seen significant development without peace and unity.

“There has not been a community in the whole world since creation, which has achieved meaningful development and prosperity without unity – not even the devil’s world. That is why in the good book Jesus said ‘no house divided against it shall stand.”

To that effect, Mr. Agyegelone appealed to Naba Mwaribilsonga to establish an annual festival which will bring together all sons and daughters of Balungu in order to discuss issues of common interest leading to the development of the community.

He further proposed to Naba Mwaribilsonga to collaborate with opinion leaders and well meaning influential individuals in the community to form what he termed as a non-partisan Balungu Youth Development Association.

The association, according to him, shall be responsible for advocating to ensure Balungu gets it share of the national cake in terms of developmental projects.

Mr. Agyegelone believes such a move could help improve education, health, sanitation and agriculture for the betterment of Balungu.


Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHZ|David Azure|Ghana

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