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Kasoa slay queen dies after twerking naked on stage in a $100 challenge

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A popular slay queen Ama Broni has been reported dead after she twerked naked on stage in Kasoa in the Central Region.

According to reports, she died at Kasoa Liberia Camp during a Street Carnival while escaping from some young men who reportedly fondled her during the event.

Sources say the deceased who hails from Akwatia in the Eastern Region while at the carnival accepted a challenge to twerk naked for $100.

Taking up the challenge, Ama Broni went up the stage and twerked naked to the amazement of many young guys around.

Amidst the noise of approval by those endorsing the act and disgust by those who found her act distasteful, some young men throng the stage to touch her.

The young men’s insatiable desire to fondle her made her cut her performance and run to the backstage to claim her prize money.

In the process of descending the stage to save herself from the young men fondling her, she was electrocuted.

She started behaving abnormally as the electric current passed through her body but those around still thought she was still giving them a show so they kept gawking at her.

It was only when she fell down lifeless that those around got to know she was not putting up an act.

By the time she was rushed to the hospital, she had already died, they were told.

The deceased is succeeded by three children.


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