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IN PICTURES: Juju Man Lays ‘Charms’ on the Streets of Bolgatanga for Sale

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A man believed to be in his early thirties on Monday morning brought out his black magic or juju accessories for sale on the streets of Bolgatanga.

The man who is thought by many who saw him to have been under some kind of spiritual possession, had in his custody, tails of different animals decorated with some black substances and cowries as well as animal skins which he wanted to sell to the general public.

Eyewitness who spoke to A1 News near the St. John’s Junior High School here in Bolgatanga where the incident took place said the man brought the said charms, tied on his bicycle. The eyewitnesses also said the man was speaking Gurune but nothing he said made sense except that he came from Bongo.

He is said to have scattered his black magic or juju items by the side of the road for sale, claiming that each one of them performed different functions such as bringing wealth, power and long life to whoever purchased them.

By the time A1 News got there, the man had disappeared from the scene, leaving his charms behind.



By: Prosper Bayeta Amoah | A1radioonline.com | Ghana

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