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Only God’s blessings attract lasting success— Rev. Minister

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The Reverend Dr. Kwadwo Boateng Bempah of the Holy Hill Assemblies of God Church, has advised the citizenry to seek God’s blessings to enjoy lasting success.

He said success attained through wrong means lasted only for a while and yet, it attracted many woes to those involved.

“The way you live can block your blessings. You can’t cheat, murder, steal, snatch people’s husbands and expect to enjoy lasting success. Living opposite the scriptures will never attract God’s blessings.

“Get blessings the right way and not through dubious means. Such evil ways may give you success but only for a while. However, the repercussions are so dire, you won’t be able to handle them,” he said.

The Rev. Minister gave the advice on Sunday in a sermon on, “The Power of the Blessing”.

He quoted from the scriptures (Proverbs 10:22) saying, “The blessing of the LORD makes one rich, And He adds no sorrow with it.”

Rev Bempah said a blessed person was someone who had been supernaturally empowered to live above circumstances.

He said being blessed by God did not necessarily mean one would not face challenges, however, Christians had been empowered to overcome all obstacles.

Such an empowerment, he said, transcended one’s academic or political connections.

“Even though I am a strong proponent of education, I know highly educated people who are living very miserably. Your political affiliation grants you success only when your party is in power. However, God’s blessing doesn’t endure for a season, it lasts forever.”

He said nothing was more heartbreaking than for a child to doubt his parents abilities, as such, Christians should endeavor to only believe what God said about them and not what others said about their situation.

Rev. Bempah, encouraged the congregation to always align their thoughts with God’s word and only declare God’s blessings imbibed in scriptures upon their lives.

“Every child of God carries a blessing whether you believe it or not. Until you start declaring that you are blessed, your blessings will never manifest into reality,” he added.


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