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Ghanaians advised to demonstrate love always; not just on Valentine’s Day

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The Reverend Lawrence Kwesi Tete, the Minister in Charge of the Tema Community 11 Presbyterian Church of Ghana at the weekend called on Ghanaians to demonstrate love always and not just on Valentine or National Chocolate Day.

He said it is a mirage that “we seek to be focusing on February 14 as a special day for expression of love. This is only one day out of the 365 days of the year; we must teach and exhibit love to others all year round.

“Our wrong perception about the exhibition of love is what is driving the youth to associate the Valentine or Chocolate Day with sexual love”.

Rev Tete told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that the church celebrated the day, not as the world had but converted the valentine’s day ideology into the original productive concept to ensure that the youth understands it.

It is a misdemeanour to associate Valentine or National Chocolate Day parties, sexual adventure and other immoral activities, Valentine Day is a pure memorable day to honour the memory of Saint Valentine.

Given the new church ideology on Valentine day celebration, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Tema Community Eleven Assembly celebrated the occasion on theme: “Family Enrichment Service”.

The Church created a platform where various families played different roles – song ministrations, Bible reading, sermons.

There was also an interactive segment where husband’s shared expectations from wife’s and wife’s likewise as well as the youth. Gifts were presented to all members present.

Meanwhile, Apostle William Opoku Berko, Resident Pastor of King Makers Chapel in Community nine, Tema also called on Christian to stand firm and project the kingdom of God.

He said in recent times many people come to church not to seek the advancement of the kingdom of God but to look for only material blessings like cars, houses, money and marriage, he said as soon as they received such material blessings, they then turn to neglect the church for OMOTUO joint on every Sundays.


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