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Redefined your usefulness -Tsatsu Tsikata advises Youth

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The Renowned Ghanaian Lawyer, Tsatsu Tsikata has called on the youth to be more circumspect in mentoring their lives with little opportunities they get.

According to Lawyer Tsikata the best way for someone especially Ghanaian youth to excel in life is when they redefined their purpose through using little opportunities offered to them by the elders.

The lawyer who spoke on KSM Show, which was monitored by A1 Radio in Bolgtanga, said at his younger age, he took advantage of the opportunities that were thrown at him to be where he is today.

“As a young person, you must look up to older people you must look up to them because they have the potential in shaping you to become what society wants you to be. Growing up, I was closer to older people than ever. Because they will create that framework for you and that kind of framework helps you to nurture yourself.”

He stressed: “When such frameworks are created, then you have to start relating yourself to such people by living up to whatever expectation they set for you.”

Linking his point to his early days at the University of Ghana, the lawyer said:  “When I went to the law faculty for instance as I said, I was interested in borrowing books from most of the lectures. And after reading those books, I would then go back to these lectures who gave me their books and have a dialogue with them. You know, once you show any interest in something; people can reciprocate and pay attention to you in that same way.”

He however said that youth ought to redefine themselves and relate with the older generation to brighten the future.

Source: a1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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