Nurse-in-GhanaPrincipal of Zuarungu Health Assistant Training School and Registered General Nurses in the Upper East Region, Francis Ayaaba has called for an end to protocol admissions by health institutions in the region.

According to Mr. Ayaaba many qualified persons for the past have been denied admission into health institutions due to the protocol admissions. Recently reports on media revealed that influential people stampedes principals of the institutions with phone calls in a desperate bid to have their people admitted.

However Mr. Ayaaba said the issue of protocol admissions in health institutions posed a serious threat to health delivery in the region and the country at large since most of the people admitted through protocol are sometimes not qualified. Mr. Ayaaba said this during a joint matriculation of 5 health institutions held in Navrongo on Friday.

Director of Human Resource for Health Development at the Ministry of Health, Alexander Yaw Arphul called on the matriculates to learn well and participate in all activities to enhance their success.

Mr. Arphul stated that one of the broad objectives of the Ministry of Health is to ensure quality training and distribution of appropriate number of health workers throughout the country. Mr. Arphul speech was read by Lawrence Odartey Lawson, Acting Head of Health Training Institute Unit.

Upper East Regional Minister, James Zuugah Tiigah on the occasion called on the prospective nurses to hold to the profession as a life partner since the vocation is not a simple thing but a vocation that touches lives.

In all 1,324 students comprising the Community Health Nurses Training School in Navrongo, Midwifery Training school and Nurses Training College all in Bolgatanga were matriculated. The rest of the schools include Zuarungu Health Assistant Training School and Registered General Nurses as well the Presbyterian Nursing Training College in Bawku.

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By: Prosper Bayerta Amoah| | Ghana




  1. hmmmmmm, it is so surprising that most public officials in ghana have be money chasers instead of
    Corruption in ghana is now at its peak due to the high cost of living as a result of the economic crisis in the country. We may agree that , the cost of living is a contributive factor, lacking of commttiment and the fear God are the major factors influencing this social canker.
    Someone may think that Iam speaking out of content but it is a fact that protocol admission is an examle of corruption. This is because some of the students admitted through protocol, do not have the required passes, yet they are admitted to the neglect of the poor students.
    Ghana education has now become ‘who you know but not what you know.’
    The sad thing is that, other all this, they would turn round to say that the government is not performing up to task forgetting that , even in your small office , you not up to task.
    The dangers of this protocol admissions besides rightful students not getting admission is that , these same students after graduation would not work for the benefit of their people but towards money. It is not surprising that we have so many demonstrations in Ghana today over increments in salaries and research allowances. They also want to get back what they paid illegally for admission besides the legal fees.
    Inorder to solve this social canker, all principals through their registrars should meet to publish the results of each student with their waec numbers for verification to the general public. Someone will say that , this is violation of privacy. Yoooooo, then let your side of it


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