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Nabdam District Assembly P.M justify why Regional Minister sworn-in Nabdam DCE

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The Presiding Member for the Nabdam District Assembly in the Upper East Region, Sampana Zuure Abass has justified reasons behind the regional minister, Stephen Yakubu to swear-in Agnes Anamoo as a District Chief Executive for Nabdam.

At the first meeting on 30th September 2021, Mrs. Anamoo failed to obtain the two-thirds majority requirement for her to be confirmed as DEC.

But the Assembly by law reconvened another meeting on the 7th October 2021 and approved Madam Agnes Anamoo by popular acclamation.

Later, members of the assembly having realized that it was illegal to confirm the president’s nominee by popular acclamation, made a U-turn and quickly call for another meeting on Sunday 10th October 2021 where Madam Anamoo was confirmed with 88 percent of the total votes cast.

The retained DCE was immediately sworn into office by the Upper East regional minister, Stephen Yakubu.

But it was later reported by some media platforms that, it was illegal and contravenes the local government’s act for a regional minister to swear into office a Metropolitan, Municipal, or District Chief Executive.

But speaking to A1 Radio on ‘Zina Yela’ show, the Presiding Member for the Nabdam District Assembly, Sampana Zuure Abass has said he finds nothing wrong if a regional minister swears into office a chief executive.

“There is no law in the local government’s act that says judges should be swearing-in DCEs. The president in the region is the regional minister, and if you can remember, it was the former Upper East Regional Minister, Rockson Bukari who swear all of the municipal and district chief executives into office. This is not new and it is accepted in the local government act,” he said.

Mr. Zuure stressed that under normal circumstances Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Chief executives are supposed to be swear-in by regional ministers but a judge can also swear them into office.|101.1MHZ|David Azure| Ghana|

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