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The President must apologize to Aflao’s Chief – Akaichi North MP to Akufo Addo

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Member of Parliament for Akatsi North Constituency in the Volta Region, Peter Nortsu Kotoi, has told President Akufu Addo to do the needful and apologize to the Paramount Chief of Aflao, Togbe Fiti, for responding to him in a contemptuous manner regarding his (Togbe Fiti) appeal for the completion of one of the E-Blocks schools started by the immediate previous administration at his area.

It could be recalled that the Aflao’s chief, on Wednesday, October 20, 2021, made a passionate plea to the minister of education to ensure the school, which is about ninety percent complete, is completed by February 2022.

He said the government generates a lot of revenue from Aflao yet pays lip service towards the development of the town.

In response to the chief’s appeal in an interview on Peace FM’s ‘Kokroko’ show on Thursday, October 21, 2021, relative to this statement, the president branded the chief as a propagandist; telling him to go and complete the project by himself.

“Is he the one to give me an ultimatum? He should go and complete it by himself”, said the president.

This response to the chief has elicited torrents of criticism from most Ghanaians, who feel the president’s utterances are demeaning to the chief.

Reacting to the same issue in an interview on Daybreak Upper East show on A1 Radio on Friday, Mr. Nortsu said the president’s comment is unfortunate and disrespectful to the revered chief.

He indicated that the president should have given a pleasant response to the chief to assuage the pain of the chief instead of aggravating it.

“I receive it in very bad faith because if you are a president of the republic and your son or a community makes a demand on you, is for you to console them and say oh yes I have heard you, I know your plight. I will do the best that I can so that the project can be completed for you but not to tell him he should go and complete it. What of the revenue that has been gotten from the Aflao border? What has been given to the Paramount Chief for development purposes? Everything is taken away by the central government. So, if he is making that demand that you should complete it so that his children can use it, in fact, the way the president answered him, was very bad. It is a disrespect to the chief and I think the president must apologize for that conduct”. He said.

He posited that the president’s utterance is not only an insult to the chief but also a disrespect to the people of Aflao hence the reason he (president) must apologize.

Source||101.1Mhz|Elijah Beyeni Yenibey| Ghana

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