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Early morning erection sign of good health- Dr Yao Mfodwo

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A Consultant Psychiatrist and Sleep Specialist, Dr. Yao Mfodwo has explained that early morning erections plus good sex is a sign of good health and allows one to sleep better because that is the natural way of getting enough sleep.

He made this known during an interview on GTV’s Breakfast Show, on January 24, 2022.

Sleep can be explained as a natural temporary state of rest during which an individual becomes physically inactive and unaware of the surrounding environment and many bodily functions (as breathing) slow.

According to Dr. Mfodwo, men naturally have a hard-on erection which happens mostly in realm sleep because of the blood pressure and nervous stimulation to the penis which allows blood to go in there. He added that diabetes affects erection in men which does not allow them to have early morning erections.

Dr. Mfodwo again stated that clearly, a 5-8 hours sleep is decent enough. He explained there are some types of sleep, namely the non-rapid eye movement sleep and rapid eye movement sleep (realm and non-realm sleep). In the realm of sleep, muscles are paralyzed and that’s when people dream.

He revealed, “Pastors who interpret people’s dreams at 4 am are liars because dreams rarely depend on the state of mind.”

Dr. Yao Mfodwo concluded by advising people to have enough rest and check the types of food ingested to avoid getting diseases such as diabetes and hypertension amongst others.

Source: gbcghanaonline.com

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