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A Poem in Rememberance of HRM Naa Dr Puoure Puobe Chiir VII

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A chiefdom with enviable accolades,
A town with many beautiful people,
A community of honest and hardworking folks,
Her supreme leader held a PhD,
He was the 7th occupant of the throne,
He was as intelligent as those before him,
And those around him exuded same qualities.

He ruled,
He served his people well,
He returned to his ancestors untimely,
After nearly 4 decades on the throne.

HRM Naa Dr Puoure Puobe Chiir VII,
It’s been 3yrs already since you left us,
And Nandom is not the same again,
Because the Chiir family is at war,
The town is no longer at ease,
Because of the ‘absence of a successor’.

Father and son are ‘fighting’,
A fight that is considered a taboo,
They are ‘fighting’ to occupy the same throne,
They’re ‘fighting’ to succeed you Naa Puoure,
None is ready to give up for the other,
And Great Nandom is the one that suffers.
What a shame to them and their subjects.

‘Outsiders’ are taking their chances,
In view of the ongoing family feud,
The outsiders are ruling,
Because it serves them right,
They’re not interested in settling the fight,
Otherwise their chances are ruined,
It seems they want a town without a paramountcy,
They want to kill the source of tradition of the people,
By creating unnecessary delays for the right Chiir to occupy.

Naa, your people have missed you,
They have missed your frankness,
They have missed your decisive leadership,
But the Nandom you built is now disunited,
The reputation you built for us is being soiled,
Tell Chiir the first and the others that there’s no peace at home,
Tell them that two people are fighting for the skin,
Tell them Langdinedome and Nwinnyem aren’t agreeing to drink pito together,
Tell them the people need one person to lead,
Wherever you are, do something urgently.

By Kusiele Ziem

Photo credit: Ghanaweb.com

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