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Ghana spent over GH₵1billion on rice importation in three years

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Agric Policy Consultant, Emmanuel Wullingdool has mentioned that Ghana imported over GH₵1billion worth of rice in the last three years.

He said Ghana during the Acheampong’s era did not import a grain of rice because the country was sufficient in rice production.

“Over the years, if you do a kind of tracking, the growth trajectory has not been stable. For example, you just mentioned the Acheampong’s era. You will notice that in 1972, if you look at statistics on rice importation in Ghana, rice importation was zero. Ghana did not import a grain of rice from outside Ghana because the country was sufficient in rice production.”

Speaking on Day Break Upper East Show on A1 Radio today, June 8, he wondered why a country which was sufficient in rice production so many years ago is now spending so much on importing rice.

“Fast forward to today, just last year or the past three years, you would notice that we’ve imported rice into this country to the tune of over GH₵1billion. So one will ask, what happened at the point that we were sufficient. Now we are currently importing rice.”

Mr. Wullingdool added noted that there has not been a deliberate and consistent growth or development of the agricultural sector.

He said the problems of the agricultural sector come down largely to commitment from various governments.

“It boils down largely to commitment. For me that is how I will place it. I would always say government will find a way out in to do anything that they are committed to do.”

He observed that governments make allocations in various budgets but do not make the necessary disbursement.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Osuman Kaapore Tahiru|Ghana

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