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Chiefs in Upper East are not respected – Navio Pio Pe Adams Kwarase

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The Overlord of the Buru-Navio Traditional Area, Navio Pio Pe Adams Kwarase Asongojem Parijei Adurigola II has expressed some disquiet about the continued disrespect for chiefs in the Upper East Region.

He also was worried about the general decline of respect for the elderly in society.

Speaking on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show, today, June 15, 2022, the Navio Pio, intimated that over the past few decades, the respect that chiefs commanded has dwindled. This he said has affected the power, eminence and authority of the chiefs in the region.

The Navio Pio admitted that some of the chiefs have had a part to play in the current situation.

“Before, when you even meet an older person, you might not even know the person, but you give respect to that person. We have to realize that not only your mother, father, teacher or mallam can bless you. Respect alone can bring you a lot of blessings.”

“You know, as for respect, unless you also create it before you will also get it. I am pleading with my colleague chiefs to try and create respect for themselves so that people will also respect them. Assuming that where it is not proper for me [as a chief] to go and sit, I go and sit there and these young boys come with their girlfriends and are doing their own things. How will they respect you?”

“We [as chiefs] have to avoid a lot of things so that we can now get the respect back. In this world, if you have everything and you do not have respect, you will lose it. Whether you are rich, titled or in any position, without respect, you would not move forward,” he said.

Speaking on the same platform, Navio Pio Pe Adams Kwarase Asongojem Parijei Adurigola II has expressed worry about the posture of the District Chief Executive, Gerald Ataogye towards the rehabilitation of the collapsed steel bridge in the area.

It could be recalled that three months ago, the steel bridge, in the area, collapsed after a heavy-duty articulated truck loaded with illegal rosewood used it. Ever since, commuters and residents of the area have found it difficult to cross to other neighbouring communities for business activities.

The Overlord noted that the posture of the DCE indicates the Assembly’s unwillingness towards working on the bridge.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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  1. Some of the chief’s and their elder’s take side with the rich people instead of doing the right thing.so how do they expert to be respected.They should stop taking bribes and respect themselves for respect is recieporocal.If they respect their subjects,the subjects too will respect them.

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