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YOTA moves to amplify advocacy of youth in Upper East Region after COVID-19

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The Youth Opportunity and Transformation in Africa (YOTA) has successfully established the ‘Youth on Board Movement’ in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region with an aim of mobilizing youth for advocacy with regard to challenges after the covid-19 pandemic in the education sector.

The Youth on Board Movement is a two-year project under YOTA which focuses on eight Municipalities across the country including Bolgatanga municipality. The project seeks to stimulate youth voices in Ghana’s education response to the Covid-19 pandemic with funding from the Danish Civil Society for Development Fund.

YOTA has shortlisted members from youth groups within the Bolgatanga municipality through applications. These representatives have been trained, to first start the mobilization of Youth as part of the 3,000 nationwide target.

Speaking at a forum in the Bolgatanga after the training, Youth Coach and Soft Skills Trainer at YOTA, Madam Portia Asantewaa Agyei stated that the two-year project is to help mobilize youth in the Municipality to unveil problems that the Covid-19 pandemic brought to the education sector in order for authorities to address such challenges.

“Youth on board is looking at how we can advocate and mobilizes and raise youth voices to be able to speak about issues that have arisen out of COVID-19; mainly in the education sector. So all that Youth on board is looking for is to identify issues that have come up or how education has been affected due to COVID-19 and then we escalate our voices so that the necessary agencies and the necessary Assemblies or the necessary organizations can take it up and address it.”

“So it’s more or less forming a youth movement or youth coalition so that we could be able to advocate the issues that have affected the youth in the education sector,” she said

Representatives of youth groups in the Bolgatanga municipality who participated in forum, have fully welcomed the project into the Bolgatanga municipality. Whiles, they shared some of the challenges students are facing in their various schools before and after covid-19 they said the advocacy of the youth on board movement will go a long way to help the education sector in Municipality.

Source:A1Radioonline.Com|10.1MHZ|William Jalulah|Bolgatanga|

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