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Talensi: Solomon TTB’s letter to the IGP, Dr Dampare

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Dear Ghana Police Service,

Please, I am a concerned citizen from Talensi in the Upper East Region of Ghana and I have a few critical concerns to share with you on behalf of and for my colleague youth in Talensi.

Dear IGP George Akuffo Dampare, please kindly permit me to bring these concerns to your notice. In recent times, robbery incidents are on the rise in Talensi. It appears almost every day, Talensi will record a robbery case.

Three days ago, the robbers shot and killed one young man from Gbani instantly. One is currently in the hospital responding to treatment. Many victims have lost their lives as a result of being shot by the robbers.

Others have sustained various degrees of injuries that have culminated in the maiming of others. Cumulatively, the robbers made away with several motorbikes, gold, phones, laptops, an unspecified huge sum of monies and other properties worth thousands of Cedis.

The major robbery points are;
1. Zinguure Zoore around Buugu on the way to Earl International Mine (Shanxi).
2. Sheaga-Sawaliga-Biung Road
3. Datoku Electoral Area
4. Yameriga-Sheaga Road
5. Kpatia-Zuarungu Road.

Sir, the major group of people who fall victim to robbery incidents are miners, farmers, market women, businessmen and women etc.

Arguably, the rise in robbery cases has slowed down economic activities. Farmers who use these routes are reluctant in going to their farms due to fear of being robbed. The workers of the Gbani Mine are at risk. They are confused between going to work to put food on tables for their families or being a potential victim of regular robbery incidents. Nurses and teachers are absolutely worried about the situation. This may impede work at the various health facilities and schools in the District.

Dear IGP, please kindly deal with this issue with alacrity.

I am available to assist.

Thank you.

Source: Solomon TTB

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