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We’ve gotten our priorities wrong if we cannot feed our students after over 60 years – Exc. Dir. of NOPRA

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The Executive Director of Northern Patriots in Research and Advocacy (NORPRA), Bismark Ayorigo is worried that, after over 60 years of self-determination government is still struggling to feed students at the senior high schools.

“If we cannot after 60 years of self-determination we can’t put food on the table of these young people who just want to have something in their stomachs and enter the classroom to learn and become leaders of this country tomorrow, then it means we’ve gotten our priorities wrong.”

Mr Ayorigo was commenting on recent news of food shortage in some public senior high schools across the country on A1 Radio’s Day Beak Upper East Show.

He intimated that successive governments have not adequately prioritized feeding “because if you prioritized something, you will, by all means, prioritize resources allocation to it.”

The NOPRA Executive Director observed that human resource development is key to the socio-economic development of any nation and wondered why the government will prioritise spending money on buying past questions over feeding the students.

“If these people will always enter the classroom and they’re hungry then you rather prioritize buying past papers for them and those of us who are professional teachers, we’re thought professionally that you should not teach somebody just to pass exams. Education seeks to ensure that the individual is able to fit in every aspect of life in the society,” Mr Ayorigo added.

According to him, the problem is not about inadequate resources but rather lack of commitment from governments.

“For me I think that is not that we don’t have resources; the resources are there. It is just that government is paying lip service to the free senior high school that it trumpeted beyond the borders of this country.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Osuman Kaapore Tahiru|Ghana

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