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Afrobarometer Survey results are not surprising – Vitus Azeem

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Anti-corruption crusader, Vitus Azeem has stated that he is not surprised by the outcome of the Afrobarometer study undertaken by the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) which revealed the ranking of the top 10 state institutions perceived to be corrupt.

The Police scored 65 percent which placed it at the top of the table while the Presidency followed in second position with 55 percent.

In an interview with A1 Radio, Vitus Azeem said “most of the time with the police it’s the bribery. It’s the monies that they collect from the drivers along the roadside.

When you have a driver carrying 30 passengers and then he stopped and the driver drops something in the hands of the police, it means there are 60 eyes that are seeing. So when you asked them they’ll say yes the Police are corrupt.”

“For the Presidency issues of appointment, protocol list especially into the security agencies, what happen during the 2020 elections; all these things amount to corruption and so people also see these things, some experienced them,” he added.

According to him, the President is supposed to act on serious allegations of corruption even if he is not directly involved in the corruption, the fact that he is not acting on his appointees who engage in corruption can itself be described as corruption as well.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Osuman Kaapore Tahiru|Ghana

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