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President’s admission that Free SHS needs review is welcoming – Educationist

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Nii Armah Addy, an Education Consultant has described as “better late than never,” the decision of the president to consider a review of national policies on education, possibly, the Free Senior High School (Free SHS) policy.

According to him, if the president has finally heeded the calls for a review of the policy, the country is in to do something good for it itself. 

“… notwithstanding, we can say it is better late than never because if finally, the president has heeded the call of Ghanaians for the review of the policy, and the thinking to the review is the same as what the many Ghanaians are thinking, then I will say that we are the point of doing something right. But if what they meant is different from what many well-meaning Ghanaians in the education space are thinking, then we are in for another big surprise.”

Mr. Nii Amarh argued that though everyone was entitled to their own opinion on the policy, it is unfortunate the initial calls for a review of the policy were misinterpreted to mean cancellation.

“Everybody will be right in their own speculation, particularly when some have called for review and review has been misinterpreted to mean cancellation of the policy. They are right in their own thinking. Only when they see what the president intends to do and actually does it, then we’ll be very certain.”

He added that no citizen was against the FSHS Policy system currently running. The only challenge Ghanaians had with the system according to him, is its implementation.

“Let it be said again that, Free SHS is very good. I’m yet to see any Ghanaian who is against the Free SHS. The complaint has always been the implementation and even the teaching and learning.”

The educationist further argued that, the spirit of teaching and learning was lost in the education space. 

“For some of us who saw the old system, and for some of us again who have seen the early start of the senior high school education and again seeing what is going on now, you tell clear by every stretch of the imagination that the spirit of teaching and learning is no longer in our education space.”

Nii Amarh Addey made these comments when he spoke to A1 Radio during the Day Break Upper East Show on phone.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Awombadek Asagi|Ghana

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