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Car owners suffering in Bongo-Soe-Awukabiisi because of terrible roads – Assemblyman

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Assemblyman bemoans bad state of roads in his area

Daniel Awuure Nyaaba, the Assemblyman for Bongo Soe- Awukabiisi Electoral Area in the Bongo District, has registered his displeasure over the deplorable state of roads in the electoral area.

“Oh, it is so deplorable, when it comes to Soe; Soe market going to the Soe Health Center is a disaster. This road has been there for long. We have been crying in the Assembly for them to come and do something about it. Anytime you go there, no funds, no funds. No money and that one is a problem for the community. When you’re in the market and you’re going to the hospital, if you’re walking it is a problem and if you’re using a car, trouble for you,” Mr Nyaaba said on the Day Break Upper East Show.

He says, “but from Soe to where we farm, anytime it rains we find it difficult to go to our farms. So for the road sector, the rural roads authority, sometimes when they come after the rainy season with their excavators or bulldozers, they’ll not consult us and do things that will not even benefit us. Anytime it rains, they [the roads] go back to the same level.”

He added that “when they’re coming, sometimes you go to assembly and they’re not aware of them. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be done because when they award the contract, they’re always eager to take their percentage, and they’re not ready to come to the assembly to consult the engineers there so that they’ll know where we need most.”

Mr. Awuure Nyaaba explained that he reached out to the Urban Roads Department about two years ago to inform them about the terrible state of their roads, but nothing significant has been done about the roads.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Osuman Kaapore Tahiru|Ghana

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