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President Akufo Addo fears not getting criminally-minded, blindly-loyal person to replace Ofori-Atta – ASEPA

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The Executive Director of Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA), Mensah Thompson is of the opinion that the person who will succeed the Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori has to be criminal minded to be able to cover up the mess caused by Ken Ofori Atta.

Mr. Thompson, claims the Finance Minister has committed crimes in the Finance Ministry and that it will take a loyal and criminally minded person to continue to cover the mess.

Some 80 New Patriotic Party MPs call for the immediate dismissal of the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta and his Deputy Adu Boahen to help restore confidence in Ghana’s economy.

Commenting on the issue on Daybreak Upper East show, Mr. Thompson said the call is long overdue. He added that the president finds it difficult to replace Ken Ofori Atta because he [ the president] can not guarantee the future of his government owing to the numerous infractions caused by Ken Ofori Atta.

He said ” if the president wants to sack Ken Ofori Atta today, he will sack him forever. President Akofu Addo’s biggest problem is who takes over from Ofori Atta because the kind of crimes Ken Ofori Atta committed in that office, you need somebody who is not only criminal minded but extremely loyal to the president to take over from Ken Ofori Atta to continues to cover for Ken Ofori Atta’s mess. Anything less than that, the president cannot guarantee what is going to happen to his government.”

He continues to argue that the posture of the president suggests he wants to choose his political survival over the citizens.

” It is a difficult moment that we find ourselves as a country, that the president will want to choose his political survival over us citizens and set to throw us to the dogs.”

He added that the president has  not been honest in the conversation surrounding sacking Ken Ofori Atta because the IMF team demanded the presence of Ken Ofori Atta hence his unpreparedness to let go of the Finance Minister.

” Yesterday the president met the MPs from his party who are advocating for the sack of the finance minister and all they are saying is to sack the guy for us. The president told them that they should allow Ken Ofori Atta to finish the negotiations with the IMF and that the IMF has specifically requested that Ken Ofori Atta continue to stay in office to complete the program, which is a blatant lie. This is a blatant lie because as we speak the government itself does not even have a programme for the IMF but the president  is lying to the MPs.”

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz| Samuel Adagom|Bolgatanga| Ghana

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