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Sissala areas: Wiyaala calls on gov’t to fix roads in her community

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Ghanaian musician, Wiyaala has complained bitterly about the deplorable roads in the Sissala area of the Upper West Region. Wiyaala is a native of Funsi, the capital of Wa East district.

The Wa East district, Sissala West district and Sissala East municipality are the food basket of the region and arguably the leading producers of maize in Ghana. 

The Sissala area has very deplorable roads depriving them of the needed development.

Speaking on Tumu based community radio, RADFORD FM, Wiyaala lamented the deplorable roads in the area and called on the government to fix the roads.

“So we’re begging, please, the roads, you have to do something. Some of us grew up here, we’re now in our 30s and still, the roads are nothing to write home about. You know, now people are flying all the way from America to come and visit us in Funsi, and they’ll definitely come to Tumu, because when they get here they’re asking where else can we go.”

“I want to be proud and say pass through Tumu, there’s nice hotel here. Make the roads nice for us, and let’s also use it so that when we’re all coming home, we’re relaxed in the head.”

“So please make the roads for us, so that the whole Sissala area will develop for us, so that when we also post and the rest of the world sees, they won’t say our leaders are not working.”

“Please we put you in power to serve us. Don’t let us be worshipping you like gods and all that”, she added.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Osuman Kaapore Tahiru|Ghana

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