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Paramount Chief of Sakote calls on government to address poor roads within his area

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Paramount Chief of the Sakote Traditional Area, Naba Sigri Bewong has called on the government to make a frantic effort to arrest the problem of bad roads that the people of his area are faced with.

According to him, the road from Nangodi junction through to Sakot, to Duusi and finally to Winkongo has been upgraded to a highway but the contractor is yet to be seen on site.

He  lamented that that stretch of road as well as the Pelungu through to Damolugu, Zanlerigu to Asonge were nearly cut-off this year during the prime of the rainy season, hence the need for urgent attention to be focused on constructing those roads.

He made this earnest request during the celebration of this year’s Tenglebre festival at Sekoti on Saturday.

“I am reliably informed that our road from Nangodi junction through Sakot, to Dusi, and eventually to Winkongo … in the Talensi district has been upgraded to a highway. I thank government for upgrading the road. We are yet to see the contractor on site. I appeal to the government for work to start in earnest. This year at the peak of the rainy season, the road was nearly cut off.  The road from Sakot to Pelungu which is under Feeder Roads also needs urgent attention, and indeed the road from Pelungu through Damolugu, Zanlerug, to Asongi junction also needs urgent attention. The Nabdam and Talensi Districts have not seen any serious road construction. We appeal to the government to do something about the road network,” he lamented.

The revered chief also registered his unhappiness over the fact that some of the communities within his area, such as Nyogbare, are embroiled  in darkness particularly in the era of information society.  

He revealed that the people of Nyogbare threatened to embark on a demonstration this year in protest of the lack of access to electricity in the area but he used honeyed words to calm them down.

He therefore passionately appealed to government to consider it a  necessity to connect the community to the national grid so as to make the people’s lives better.

“I thank the government for their efforts in getting electricity to every community. Here in my Traditional Area, Nyogbare is yet to be fully connected. Last year, the community wanted to go on demonstration, and I appealed to them to be patient. I am appealing to Government to consider their plight because they do not see why other communities have light and they do not have. Please come to their aid,” he requested.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Elijah Beyeni Yenibey|Bolgatanga

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