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Millar Institute seeks partnership for grass to charcoal production

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A private institution in the Upper East Region named Millar Institute for Transdisciplinary and Development Studies (MITDS) has requested business or entrepreneurial partnerships for the large-scale manufacture of grass charcoal in Ghana.

The University has researched the production of charcoal using grass in order to mitigate the impact of climate change and preserve the ecosystem for the next generation.

Speaking at a dialogue conference on the theme “Wildfire & Bushfire and Grassland management in Northern Ghana,” President of MITDS, Professor David Millar said research on the use of the grass for charcoal and brown envelope has been completed hence the need for entrepreneurship and business partnership to expand the production of the grass charcoal production in the country.  

“In fact at this level, if one is to have a business enterprise business man or an entrepreneur who will pick it up and scale it, the impact will be bigger than we have done so far. So that business component is yet to come on board. Then the second one is the policy, because there has to be some policy alternatives that support these initiatives. In fact my presentation this afternoon will be on possible policy alternatives,” he said.

Prof. Millar stressed that the extensive research done by the institution on the initiative suggests that it is a unique idea being realised in Africa.

 “We have done an extensive study on the use of organic material to make briquettes and it has come out clear that the experiences, especially in Africa and in West Africa so far, we couldn’t find a single experience on the use of grass in making briquettes within the sub region and not in Africa. So that’s something very unique and we think that if we want to upscale its uniqueness we need policy support.” 

The dialogue conference organised by the institution brings together working groups of renewable energy practitioners and policy actors in order to share information and make inputs into the ongoing organic briquettes production policy alternatives to regulate wood fuels in Ghana.

Source:A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure |Bolgatanga|

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