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Public workers in Upper East Region earn average of Ghc2,436; 3rd highest in Northern Ghana – GSS

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Public sector workers in the Upper East Region earn an average of Ghc2,436. This was contained in the Ghana 2022 Earnings Inequality in the Public Sector report published by the Ghana Statistical Service. This is the third highest average salary in Northern Ghana. 

According to the report, public sector workers in the Upper West Region earn an average of Ghc 2,483 while those in the Northern Region earn an average of Ghc2,616. Those in the North East and Savannah Regions earn an avarage monthly salary of Ghc2,212 and Ghc2,292.

The Greater Accra has the highest average monthly net salary (GH₵3,142) with North East recording the lowest (GH₵2,212).

“The difference between the average net salary of men and women is GH₵165. This means that the gender pay gap is 6.0 percent. Men have a higher average monthly net salary, of GH₵2,669, while women have an average of GH₵2,504. The average monthly net salary of women is lower than that of men in all 16 regions. The difference is highest for employees in the Upper West region, with men earning on average GH₵348 more than women. This is a gender pay gap of 13 percent. In the Central Region the difference between men and women is the least, with women earning GH₵124 less than men. This means the gender pay gap of 5.0 percent.”

The average monthly salary for employees older than 60 years (GH₵14,466) is much higher than that of any other age group,almost five (4.7) times the average of 51 to 60 years, the group with the next highest average. For the age groups up to 41 to 50 years, the average monthly net salary increases by between GH₵300 and GH₵500 from one age

group to the next, with an increase of around GH₵200 between 41 to 50 years and 51 to 60 years. For women and men there is a very similar relation between age and the average monthly net salary, where the average steadily increases with age. Average income steadily increases with age until age is above 60. Average income for males above 60 is more than four times that of those within the ages of 51 to 60. In the case of females, the difference between the two groups is more than five times,” the report stated. 

Meanwhile, the Government of Ghana employs about 688,000 persons, with over one-third (34.8percent) of the employees in the Ashanti (18.2percent) and Greater Accra (16.5 percent) regions.

The North East (1.4percent) and Savannah regions (1.4percent) hold only 2.8 percent of the total number of public sector employees. 

Meanwhile, the Upper East Region holds 32,507 of public sector employees representing 5 percent of the total figure.

This was contained in the Ghana 2022 Earnings Inequality in the Public Sector report published by the Ghana Statistical Service. 

See full document here: Ghana 2022 Earnings Inequality in the Public Sector

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana



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