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GES urged to engage more Gurune teachers

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An opinion leader based in the United States of America, Gabriel Agambila, is expecting stakeholders to consolidate the gains after Gurune was approved by the Ghana Education Service.  

In 2022, the Ghana Education Service, through the National Council for Curriculum Assessment approved Gurune as a Ghanaian language to be taught in schools. Gurune is a language spoken by the Gurune people in the Upper East Region.

Commending the efforts made by various stakeholders and key players to the approval of the Gurune language, Mr. Agambila, who is a native of the Bolga-Soe community, called on various groups and bodies in the region to effectively embrace the decision by the GES. 

He noted that before the language approval, there were quite a number of teachers who were trained in the language area, but were assigned to teach the English language; hence, these teachers should be reassigned to their official duty. 

“Yes, there are teachers who have the qualifications to teach the Gurune language. Some of them, because the language was not approved, were assigned to teach the English language instead, and some too, I’m told, are not employed. So, I will call on the education directorate in the region to reassign these teachers as well as employ those who are qualified to teach the Gurune language,” he added. 

Mr. Agambila further acknowledged that aside from the Bongo District, where some of the basic schools are teaching the Gurune language, none of the schools in the BONABOTO zone are making an impact. 

He, therefore, charged the relevant stakeholders in education and opinion leaders to collectively work together to ensure the Gurune language is taught in the classrooms as soon as possible.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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