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Daporetindongo: Issaka Mohammed quits banking job with Maltaaba Rural Bank to raise guinea fowls

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Isahaka Mohammed, a young, enterprising livestock farmer and CEO of Upper Livestock Farms, revealed that he quit his job as a banker with a known rural bank, Maltaaba Rural Bank, operating in the Upper East Region, to fully focus on livestock farming; a venture he described as highly profitable.

The poultry entrepreneur specialises in hatching keets for sale at one to six weeks. The decision to engage in guinea fowl farming, according to him, began in 2019 when he considered it as a side hustle. 

When he first had the concept, he researched the industry and eventually decided on poultry because it was profitable.

“It was basically around 2019 when I started thinking about livestock farming. In fact, it wasn’t part of me when I was growing up. By then I was still working with a rural bank. Once at the workplace, I was doing a lot of research on livestock farming. I later came to the conclusion that it was a very lucrative business I would like to go into.”

Mr. Mohammed said it was stressful combining his new passion with his work as a banker. He eventually learned to manage the two, but eventually opted to resign from banking to focus on animal rearing.

“It was difficult at the beginning because, at the time, I was starting the whole thing, but eventually I managed to combine the two at the same time. It was not easy, but gradually I was picking it up and understanding how the game was played. Eventually I resigned from my job last year just to focus on this business.”

Mr. Isahaku noted that he started the business with the aim of making the Upper East Region a hub for livestock production. He currently offers free consulting services for people interested in starting their own livestock farms to realise this dream.

“In fact, when I started this business, my main aim was to see how we could boost livestock in the Upper East. We want to see the Upper East Region be the hallmark of all the northern regions. People should see the upper east as a place you can boast of in terms of livestock. So, I devoted myself to the point that for now, when I am called upon, I don’t really charge the person anything. My services are free for now.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Awombadek Asagi|Ghana

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