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Jacob Avogo advocates increased gov’t support for TVET

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In a recent discussion on A1 Radio, Jacob Avogo, the CEO of Grow Africa GH, highlighted the need for the government to prioritise and enhance its support for technical vocational education, particularly at the artisanal level. He emphasised the importance of regulating the apprenticeship system of trade learning to address the challenges faced by the sector. During the discussion, Mr. Avogo emphasised the significance of government involvement in supporting vocational education.

He stated that, “Government has to have an interest in this. If the government’s focus is solely on tertiary education and technical education, this artisan work is also another form of education. Not that they are dunderheads. That’s another form of education. Government has to come in to see how well that can be regulated and supported.”

Recognizing the potential of the apprenticeship system, Mr. Avogo highlighted the positive impact it can have on the development of artisans. He mentioned the assistance provided by companies that support artisans with access to modern machines and equipment, benefiting professionals such as electricians and welders. He urged the government to explore ways to regulate and enhance this aspect of trade learning. He stated, “See how we can regulate this. What are the problems we have with the apprenticeship?”

The CEO also mentioned that the potential benefits of investing in technical vocational education are numerous. It would provide opportunities for individuals to acquire practical skills, enhance employability, and contribute to economic growth.

The involvement of the government in supporting and regulating this sector would create an enabling environment for artisans to thrive and contribute to the nation’s development. Regulation of the apprenticeship system would ensure a structured learning process and help address the challenges faced by artisans.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Awombadek Asagi|Ghana

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