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Young Urban Women’s Movement amplifies calls for gender equity 

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Chairperson of the Young Urban Women’s Movement Miss Dorcas Zoogah, has  emphasised the importance of gender equity as a stepping stone towards achieving gender equality. Her remarks came during the organisation’s observance of African Liberation Week, which centred around the theme “Borderless Africa: Let My People Move.”

Miss Zoogah highlighted the significance of understanding and empowering individuals before true gender equality can be attained. 

She stated, “Before we can achieve gender equality, first and foremost, we need to understand and be empowered. What we should be talking about now is gender equity.”

The Chairperson emphasised that gender equity focuses on fairness and providing equal opportunities to individuals, regardless of their sex, disability, or race. She expressed her belief that achieving gender equity is a crucial step towards realising gender equality.

“Gender equity is more about fairness and giving equal opportunity to people irrespective of their sex, disability, or race. When women are given equal opportunities or roles as men, we may even do more than the men.”

The Young Urban Women’s Movement, an organisation dedicated to advocating for the rights and empowerment of young women, believes that by addressing gender inequities and providing equal opportunities, societies can unlock the full potential of women and contribute to overall development.

Miss Zoogah’s remarks shed light on the importance of recognizing and rectifying the existing gender disparities that hinder progress towards gender equality. Her advocacy for gender equity serves as a call to action for individuals, communities, and policymakers to actively work towards creating a more inclusive and equal society.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Awombadek Asagi|Ghana

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